About eLab

The Multivendor WordPress Theme with an Exceptional Design

This WordPress theme has been created by professionals who understand the e-commerce industry in-depth and breath. While constructing the website, the developers have taken into consideration every feature and function that the multivendor owner, vendors, and potential customers need. Further, eLab has an outstanding design, it is authentic, the colors are not annoying and instead, they get the attention of the customers. You might face with the number of similar of the WordPress theme on the market, but those themes will not give you as much satisfaction as eLab.

Why This theme stands out on the market?

The first and foremost, the website is made after making profound research. When you open the website, you and your visitors will feel and evaluate the professional work. Second, you will get 24 hours of support from our team. Have minor issues or problems while working with the theme? We have 24 hours support team that is available 24 hours and they will help you to resolve the issues that you face with. We do not want you just buy or product, but we truly want you to help to develop your business and enjoy our creation.

Further, as it was mentioned above, the design of the website is exceptional. One of the most important factors that influence the decision of the vendors and customers to use the website is user-friendliness and easy navigation. eLab has both advantages, the website is absolutely convenient to use and navigate. Theappereance and the convenience of the website the user will make your visitors return to your page again and again.

The next one is functionality, eLab is not just an authentic theme but it has also powerful functions and features. These are the functions that the theme possesses:

  • X Builder. It allows you to create your own powerful website with no fundamentals in programming. You can simply use drag and drop and build anything you want.
  • Responsiveness. The theme is fully responsive and it does not matter what device you, vendors or the potential customers will use. In any case, it will be fully responsive and everyone who will open the web page will have access to every feature and function. Moreover, the website will be displayed accurately so that it is convenient for people to use and navigate the website.
  • Outstanding demos. The demos will allow you not to worry about the design of the website. You can simply install and slightly customize the demos and they are ready for the public view. You will have several options and you will choose the one that mostly meets your expectations, requirements, and preferences. All the demos include the features and functions necessary for the people in the e-commerce business as the developers have meticulously studied what the website owner might need.
  • Retina Ready. The website will look even better on the retina screen. Meaning that it will not only look colorful, accurate and authentic only on the usual, but it will also be displayed accurately on the retina screens. Visitors will not see the difference.
  • Design. The design of the website was developed taking into consideration not only user experience but also the psychological factors as the influence of certain colors on the decision making of the vendors and potential customers.
  • Compatibility with Dokan and WC Vendors plugins. This theme is perfectly integrated with these plugins. The advantage of this integration is that you will be able to include additional features of Dokan and WC Vendors to your website.
  • Customization. You can add, edit, modify and change colors, functions, features. Do not limit yourself. Create a website that fully meets your requirements.
  • Automatic theme updates. Whenever we will release the updates, the theme will automatically update without even your participation.
  • Integration with best selling plugins of the e-Commerce industry. The theme includes the plugins as YITH Compare, YITH wishlist, Slider revolution, Woocommerce, Breadcrumbs NavXT, and Contact Form 7.
  • WPML Ready. It allows you to use multiple languages on the website and as a consequence to run your business in many countries.